What is our M2B model?

one-to-one service

Our M2B model is that we, MaticChain are directly connected to our business customers.

Why are we doing this?

We through their own professional customer service team to help our customers to solve a variety of problems, you do not need a person to dock a variety of factories, you do not need to dock a different freight forwarder, you only need to look for us, these problems we help you to solve together, so as to save your time!



Why we don't do Alibaba?

Expensive annual fee? 

Alibaba requires its members to pay an annual fee of at least $3,499 per day, which means that Alibaba’s sellers have higher operating costs, which they need to spread over the shipping price, so that’s one of reason why our shipping price is cheaper than theirs!

High platform competition?

As we all know, like ALibaba, Amazon such platforms, you have to pay high advertising costs, they will give you enough exposure, which also leads to if we use ALibaba advertising costs accounted for a portion of our costs, so the cost of transportation have to be increased, so why can’t we save this part of the cost of the shipping price down so that our customers benefit more?

Are we real and safe?

Why choose us?

Help customers pack goods on a regular basis every day

Compensation for shipping delays and losses

Delay Compensation

If the time limit for promised compensation is exceeded, the compensation will be paid at 0.14$/kg/natural day, and 100% of the freight will be paid at the top

Loss of goods

According to the amount of insurance purchased, full compensation will be paid according to the value of the order

Why you can feel confident in choosing our sourcing services

Own Supply Chain

We have our own supply chain, we can provide you with one-stop supply chain services, we do not spend too much on the team staff costs, the cost savings are all beneficial to our customers!