Keep Your Baby’s Nose Clean and Soft with a Baby Nose Cleaner

Essential details:

Place of Origin:China


Model Number:VP-X1

Product name:Nasal Aspirator

Usage:Protect Baby

Function:Baby Washing Usefully

Color:Customized Color


Application:Household Safety

Type:Baby Safety Products



About this item

– Baby Nose Cleaner offers the ultimate solution to keep your baby’s nose clean and germ-free!

– Its specially designed nozzle safely clears delicate nasal passages

– Gentle suction removes dirt, mucus and other germs

– Leaves your baby’s nose clean, healthy and soft

– Easy to use, portable and can be used anywhere

What’s in the box:

  • 1*Silicone tips(2sizes)
  • 1*2×AA Alkaline batteries
  • 1*Waste tank
  • 1*Main unit
  • 1*Storage bag(option)
  • 1*Gift box



Product Details

This nasal aspirator is the perfect tool for quickly and easily removing nasal mucus from your baby's nose. It is designed with a soft, flexible silicone tip that conforms to the shape of your baby’s nostrils, providing a comfortable and effective seal. The aspirator also boasts a one-way valve that prevents mucus from being sucked back into the tube, and a large capacity reservoir that allows for more efficient suction. Its simple design and easy-to-clean parts make it the ideal choice for busy parents.

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Professional Baby Nose Cleaner Smart Vacuum Electric Electronic Vacuum Nasal Aspirator For Babies

MOQ:1000 Units