Quality Control and Pre-Shipment Inspection

We Guarantee Your Product's Quality

Amazing Quality Control Ltd Inspection Service

3 inspections, performed at the beginning , the
middle, and the end of production. We make sure that
issues are identified, caught, and corrected as early as the
beginning of the production and make sure they are non
issues by the end of the production. We make sure your entire order is up to specification.

Other Quality Inspection Companies in China

Only offer one time inspections performed at the end of production. These end of run inspections can only “observe the damage” when it is too late and the goods are already finished. It will create shipment delays and potential loss for you and your business.


Trust Our Years of Experience

With years of experience in North American, European, and Australian companies Amazing Quality Control Ltd has developed a highly effective Quality Inspection System that works. By checking early during the production cycle and repeating inspections multiple times during the manufacturing process, you can be sure that by the time the
production is complete, every aspect of your product has been carefully checked with no quality problems remaining!


Quality Inspection Services We Offer

Multiple random inspections service

  • 3 inspections performed at the 3 critical production stages (beginning, middle, and end of production)
  • Random inspection includes random selection of a few dozen or hundreds of pieces out of your full order quantity in China or Asia.
  • The results of the report at each stage will give you a clear view of the overall quality of your goods throughout the process

100% Inspection

  • 100% inspection means we’ll inspect each and every piece of your order one by one
  • 100% inspection allows you to make sure there is no quality issue whatsoever in your product
  • It is most commonly performed at the end of the production
  • We’re one of the only inspection company in China to perform 100% inspections

Factory Audit

  • The purpose of the audit is to confirm the supplier is legally sound, and whether they have the experience and product capacity to deliver your orders smoothly
  • Factory audit is performed before you start working with a China supplier.
  • We’re the only China inspection company to perform video factory audits

What Information You Get From Our Inspection Report

Each inspection we perform for you aims to thoroughly check these 6 checkpoints


Each piece is visually inspected to make sure there is no product tears, scratches, dirt stains, loose threads, glue marks, etc…

Packing & Packaging

Check of the individual packaging and export packing compliance, carton size, shipping marks, packing method, barcodes, etc…

Production Status

Check of the quantity of products ready & packed , not ready, and ready but not packed at inspection date

Functional & Safety Tests

We perform different tests to make sure your product works properly and that it’s ready to ship!

Product General Appearance

We check if the manufactured products correspond to your instructions in terms of branding, color, shape , labels, etc…

Product Measurements

Check of the product length, width, thickness, diameter, weight, and all the necessary size elements